Empowering Afghanistan’s women and youth through access to media.

We believe in the power of digital and social media as a means to connect with the world and to increase access to opportunity for everyone.

The women and students of Afghanistan, through the support of a computer lab, would greatly benefit from access to internet and computers where they can find out about opportunities for study abroad, educational scholarships and professional opportunities. We have already received a donation of 18 computers from Middlebury College LIS and have made arrangements to donate them to Young Women for Change based in Kabul. Midd Start funding would support expenses including shipping, maintenance and installation of the computers.

Immediate objective: Our first project objective is to get the donated computers safely to Young Women for Change (YWC) in Kabul, Afghanistan, and to provide initial assistance for set-up, installation and equipment. Any extra funds would provide continuing support to YWC’s Sahar Gul computer lab expenses and to educational endeavors within YWC’s organizational framework.

Long-term goals: We seek to create a virtual cultural exchange program (Virtual Pen Pals) via skype between Young Women for Change and the Middlebury community and interested high schools in the region. We will provide online media support for the college application process via screen flow tutorials, forums and information on the Kabul Media Connection website including college counseling and scholarship opportunities, etc. We are also interested in using extra funds to sponsor the TOEFL examination for Afghan students applying for educational opportunities abroad so that they may be qualified for these opportunities.

Jaweed’s Personal Statement: In 2008, I was first introduced to the Internet by a close friend and classmate. He created an email for me and showed me how to use it for mailing and communicating. Later in 2009, I managed to find the email address of a scholarship program. Almost 80% of the scholarship selection program was through email. I was then nominated to study at United World College in Costa Rica. Afterwards, I needed to have regular access to email in order to arrange my travel to the college. Today, when I look back, I really appreciate my friend for introducing me to the Internet. His assistance definitely enabled me to shape my life. I would not be here at Middlebury if I hadn’t been introduced to these opportunities.

Muhammad Jaweed Ahmadi

Project Partners’ Joint Statement: As Digital Media Tutors in the Wilson Media Lab of Davis Family library, we help the multimedia projects of students and faculty come to fruition every day. We are so very privileged to attend Middlebury College, where there is an infinite amount of resources at our fingertips – and hands-on assistance available for our every need. We have realized, with the help of the donation of recycled computers from Middlebury LIS, that we can help promote the empowerment of women by providing them access to this same enormous web that we are a part of – the internet – and additional tools for them to use to connect with the world and seek opportunities otherwise maybe unknown.

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